Sweetness in the Salt [3]

January 11, 2009 at 5:13 pm (Episodic Summary)

It starts with Tavia begging for a job from Raymond and then Kwok Fung allowing Tavia to work at his salt industry. When Raymond brought her to the industry, Kwok Fung hinted to everyone that Raymond likes her. Tavia was reminded of her hiding place by the salt, but Raymond told her to let go of the past. Steven’s mom decided to help her get a son so that she would not have to worry about their generation ending. She made a visit to Kwok Fung’s fourth daughter. At first sight, she fell in love with Steven. Kwok Fung, too, liked Steven. Sadly, Steven did not like her and openly admitted that he already liked someone else. The fourth daughter was sad and didn’t want to eat, meanwhile the first daughter was telling her how bad and cheap a man is. When Steven and Tavia met, he tried to start a conversation with her and tried to convince her that he liked her, however the fourth daughter passed by and heard their conversation. Cheung Chi Gwang was introduced as the new governor to take over the salt business (as Governor Yiu). While talking to Kwok Fung in his book room, Governor Yiu tells him that most of his art display is fake. Kwok Fung suspects his first daughter as she was the one with the motive to steal. Joel Chan was then introduced as her love affair and was telling her that once he had the money, he will marry her. It was also said that he will make Kwok Fung suffer the consequences of separating them.


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