Sweetness in the Salt [3]

January 11, 2009 at 5:13 pm (Episodic Summary)

It starts with Tavia begging for a job from Raymond and then Kwok Fung allowing Tavia to work at his salt industry. When Raymond brought her to the industry, Kwok Fung hinted to everyone that Raymond likes her. Tavia was reminded of her hiding place by the salt, but Raymond told her to let go of the past. Steven’s mom decided to help her get a son so that she would not have to worry about their generation ending. She made a visit to Kwok Fung’s fourth daughter. At first sight, she fell in love with Steven. Kwok Fung, too, liked Steven. Sadly, Steven did not like her and openly admitted that he already liked someone else. The fourth daughter was sad and didn’t want to eat, meanwhile the first daughter was telling her how bad and cheap a man is. When Steven and Tavia met, he tried to start a conversation with her and tried to convince her that he liked her, however the fourth daughter passed by and heard their conversation. Cheung Chi Gwang was introduced as the new governor to take over the salt business (as Governor Yiu). While talking to Kwok Fung in his book room, Governor Yiu tells him that most of his art display is fake. Kwok Fung suspects his first daughter as she was the one with the motive to steal. Joel Chan was then introduced as her love affair and was telling her that once he had the money, he will marry her. It was also said that he will make Kwok Fung suffer the consequences of separating them.


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Sweetness in the Salt [2]

January 8, 2009 at 11:47 pm (Episodic Summary)

When Tavia was in Yangzhou, she saw a man who needed assistance. The man was smuggling salt and was beaten by a soldier. Later on, Kwok Fung brought Tavia back to his place, where Tavia praised Kwok Fung for having such a big house. When they went in, no one was there to greet them. Kwok Fung was complaining and as he was doing so, he told one of the servants to bring Tavia to a guest room. On their way, she saw the forth daughter hitting a maid, the another two fighting with each other and finally Kwok Fung’s third son playing with woman. When Kwok Fung wanted to go to sleep, he saw a prostitute in his room, sleeping. They then went into the main entrance where the girls and the third son flirting.

Later on, Tavia was feeding Raymond medicine. Then, the third song came in and gave him a fruit. He told Raymond that he would bring him to a restaurant to watch his cricket fight. On their way out, he saw Tavia with his auntie outside. His auntie was wondering about a medicine that would make her look younger. Tavia doesn’t know anything so she lied, which causes suspicion. Raymond sent someone to follow her. She was standing outside all day, until someone told her that there were bodies of dead smugglers hanging outside (it was her parents). Steven was then introduced. He was out announcing some stuff.

Raymond pulled Tavia, so that soldiers wouldn’t suspect anything. Tavia then told Raymond the truth (the fact that she was the daughter of a salt smuggler). In the evening, Tavia found out that Steven was eating in a restaurant. Other governors were complimenting him. His godfather then promoted him. (And then they start talking about poetry and we find out that his dead died from salt smugglers, which is why he’s after them).

Steven then encounters Tavia, and they start a fight. Tavia knows that she’s no competition for Steven, but insists on killing him. After trying, Steven ended up winning and started telling her that he’s a soldier and she’s a thief. The fight ended that way.

Tavia cries in the rain for a while until Raymond comes along. Tavia walks away. Raymond starts telling her that wherever she goes, he will be there with her and that he will give her his fully support. Tavia faints and ended up having a fever.

They introduce Steven’s mother, Mary Hon. She complains to him on how he will die on day from capturing those smugglers. Later on, the third son comes along and interrupts them. They go out eating noodles.

Steven flashbacks to when he met Tavia. He lied to her saying that he was on his way to be tested upon becoming a governor and how Tavia once fooled him. Later it shows Tavia in her room again. She wouldn’t eat anything. Raymond told the maid that if she wouldn’t anything, that the maid should keep making something; claiming that she would eat something once the tenth bowl is made.

Steven meets Raymond; where Raymond told Steven that he wants Tavia to see the last of her parents. When Raymond brought Tavia there, Tavia starts crying. Raymond told her that he found a place where she can burry them. She thanked him and questioned how he could get the bodies back. He explained to her. Tavia told him that she decided to leave Yangzhou. Raymond continues to tell her that revenge is not the answer and that she should forget the past. He tells her to stay with him. And reassured her that no one was able to hurt her (that her identity was Lui Sing Suet; the doctor’s daughter).

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Sweetness in the Salt [1]

January 7, 2009 at 1:09 am (Episodic Summary)

In the beginning, it starts out with a narrator talking about how people uses salt to make money. A couple of minute later, it switches scene to Kwok Fung talking about how he wouldn’t lower the prices of the salt to his business partners. They were all angry and threatened to stop selling salt if he wouldn’t lower the prices.

They introduce Raymond Wong when Kwok Fung needed help with his angry partners. Raymond Wong told him to tell them that they would increase the price up to 30%. And then changes the scene to soldiers fighting Tavia Yeung and their family. They try escape, but Tavia realizes that Steven Ma is still stuck there (not knowing that he was the one who brought the solders there). Suddenly there were flying arrows, and Tavia’s family strive to kill them.

It goes back to Kwok Fung and a prime minister that was praising Kwok Fung; seeing this the business partners decided to cooperate. Kwok Fung then charges them 40%. He goes back to Raymond who’s in his room (looking sick). Raymond eventually faints and Kwok Fung immediately calls all the doctor in town to go see him. They introduce three ladies who try to help them.

Kwok Fung goes to the temple to pray for his son’s health. He meets an old friend, who tells them that there’s a doctor named, “Godly Doctor Lui” who can cure Raymond’s problem. They soon were in search of the doctor.

Tavia’s father was shot by an arrow and encountered doctor Lui. But when Kwok Fung arrived, it was Tavia who welcomed them. Kwok Fung thought that Tavia was doctor Lui (He thought it meant “girl” doctor). Tavia plays with them, and wrote down a few herbs for them (that are poisonous). When the real doctor comes, he tells Raymond that he has a maximum of one year to live and a minimum of one month.

Tavia is thinking of Steven, who she thinks doesn’t know how to lie or know kung fu. Her dad tells her that he will give her money to open a little store. Later, soldiers come attacking their hideout. Tavia’s dad tell her to hide along with doctor Lui and her uncle. Unfortunately, Tavia fell into the ocean, while having a flashback about Steven. She told him to wait for her in Yangzhou.

Later, Raymond sees Tavia laying down and immediately helps her. She suggests to go back to Yangzhou with them. Tavia learns that Raymond can’t eat any sweet or fat stuff. Raymond attempts to commit suicide, but luckily Tavia stops him by making potatoes for him to eat, while telling him the meaning of life.

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